bullet Anna was born in 1810.

She was married to Byrant BAKER about 1830. Children were: Emeline BAKER , Lelnza "Lenzie" BAKER, Hephzebah A. BAKER, Andrew BAKER, Patrick BAKER, George BAKER.

bullet Anne died in Zion, Mercer Co, NJ.

She was married to Joe LOCALIO on 27 Apr 1935 in NY/NJ?.

bullet Ashley Rose Parents: David and Tracy SLACK.

bullet Bertha C was born on 22 Jun 1921. She died on 20 Feb 1980 in Harnett Co, NC. She was buried on 20 Feb 1980 in Dunn Mem Cem, Harnett Co, NC.

bulletBessie (1).

Children were: Carl TRUELOVE, Bill TRUELOVE, Clyde TRUELOVE.

bulletBettie E. was born on 30 May 1850. She died on 8 Jul 1925 in Harnett Co, NC. She was buried on 12 Jul 1925 in Antioch Church Cem, Harnett Co, NC.

She was married to Evander BROWN in Harnett Co?, NC.

bullet Betty

Children were: Virginia "Ginger" Youngest TRUELOVE, Margaret "Peggy" oldest TRUELOVE .

bulletBetty .

Children were: Stella Jane SPENCE, Reta SPENCE, Lela SPENCE, Zula SPENCE.

bulletBob .

bulletCamp .

bulletCandies was born in Jul 1834 in NC.

Children were: Joesph "Joe" G\S. STEPHENSON, John STEPHENSON.

bulletCarlos was born in Mexico.

He was married to Claudia SALMON SALAZAR in Mexico.

bullet Carol

She was married to Ronald Michael HARDY on 28 Jun 1974 in Wilmington, NC.

bullet Catherine

Children were: Turner POLLARD.

bulletCatherine (2).

Children were: Caroline SPENCE.

bulletDavid .

Children were: Tony STEPHENSON.

bulletDavid .

Children were: Ashley Rose.

bulletDebbie .

She was married to Madison "Witt" SMITH on 10 Jun 1972. Children were: Elissa SMITH, Boy (no-name) SMITH.

bullet Diane

bulletDonna .

bulletDonna Magdelena.

bulletDorcas was born about 1816 in Harnett Co, NC.(3) (4)(5)

Children were: E. J. SMITH, I. H. SMITH, M. A. SMITH, Ratliffe "Ratley" A. SMITH, Penny SMITH , Elizabeth SMITH, Etilley SMITH, William J. SMITH.

bulletDoris Residing on 18 Mar 2003 in Fuquay-Varina, NC.(6)

Children were: Pamela Jean SMITH.

bulletDorthy .

bulletDorthy .

bulletElender was born about 1752 in NC?. She Residing in 1829 in Chowan Co, NC. She died after 1829 in Chowan Co, NC.

bulletElizabeth .

Children were: Maybell TRUELOVE, Irean TRUELOVE, Bessie TRUELOVE, Viola TRUELOVE, Paul TRUELOVE, John Claude TRUELOVE.

bulletElizabeth was born on 12 Sep 1752.

Children were: Amy MASSIE , Sarah MASSEY.

bulletElizabeth was born in 1809 in NC.

She was married to unknown ARNOLD before 1829. Children were: Thomas ARNOLD , Mary E. ARNOLD, Soloman ARNOLD , Elizabeth J. ARNOLD.

bullet Elizabeth

She was married to Joshua FOOTE about 1625 in England.

bullet Elizabeth J. was born in 1855 in NC.

She was married to James M. TRUELOVE before 1854 in NC. Children were: Ella F. TRUELOVE, Nancy E. TRUELOVE, Joseph M. TRUELOVE, M. J. TRUELOVE, Minnie TRUELOVE, Mary L. TRUELOVE, G. O. TRUELOVE, J. A. TRUELOVE.

bullet Ellen

Children were: Ruby NASH, Sam NASH.

bulletElsie .

bulletEstella .

Children were: Howard WEATHERS.

bulletEtta .

Children were: Lula Arnold SENTER.

bulletGary Stine.

bulletGayle .

Children were: Crystal BLANCHARD, Kevin BLANCHARD.

bulletGerldene? .

bulletGertrude .

bulletGiovanna was born in Borgetto?, Sicily, Italy. She died in Borgetto?, Sicily, Italy.

Children were: Vincenza BARRETTA.

bulletJane was born in 1826.

She was married to Levi CHAMPION about 1843. Children were: William E. CHAMPION , Mary E. CHAMPION, James W. CHAMPION.

bullet Jane was born on 7 Mar 1940.

bulletJanet .

bulletJason . Parents: Dwight KRING and Peggy Laura TUTOR.

bulletJessica . Parents: Dwight KRING and Peggy Laura TUTOR.

bulletJosie Lilly.

She was married to Talbert Cozart SMITH on 18 May 1944.

bullet Karen was born in NJ.

Children were: David Howard TRUELOVE .

bulletKizada was born in 1825 in NC.

She was married to James ARNOLD about 1846 in NC?. Children were: John W. ARNOLD .

bullet Kristina

bullet Lenora

Children were: Patsy Ann TUTOR, Tina Marie TUTOR.

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