bullet Leona.

Children were: Eleia NASH, Worth NASH, Nora NASH, Effie NASH, Leo NASH, Reevie NASH, Bertha NASH, Truett NASH, Alton J. NASH.

bulletLinda .

Children were: Gregg STEPHENSON, Jason STEPHENSON.

bulletLinda .

bulletLinda B..

bulletLouis .

Children were: Blannie Estel WOOD, Lois Vernell WOOD.

bulletLovie .

Children were: Nettie HUGHES.

bulletLucy .

Children were: Kathryn FLECHER.

bulletLucy Ann.

Children were: Nancy "Nanny" Ann MCDONALD.

bulletLydia .

Children were: Elizabeth HARRINGTON.

bulletMaida Lee.

Children were: Bobby Joe MURRAY, Allen B. Murray MURRAY.

bulletMalinda was born in TX?.

bulletMandy .

Children were: Addie BAKER.

bulletManuel .

bulletMargaret .

bulletMargie A..

bulletMargret was born in 1818 in Northern Cumberland Co?, NC.

She was married to Harbard TRUELOVE in NC. Children were: George A. TRUELOVE, Mary H. TRUELOVE, Chritians F. TRUELOVE, Sophia A. TRUELOVE, Harbard A. TRUELOVE.

bullet Marja [Ciesla] was born in 1858 in Goleszow, Poland.

She was married to Jozef CIESLA in Poland. Children were: Bronislawa "Bernice" CIESLA.

bullet Martha A. was born in 1820 in NC.

She was married to Lim TRUELOVE before 1840. Children were: Mary E. TRUELOVE , Lim A. TRUELOVE, Thomas A. TRUELOVE, Martha F. TRUELOVE, Benjamin F. TRUELOVE, Robert L. TRUELOVE, Harbard E. TRUELOVE.

bullet Mary

bullet Mary

Children were: Lelah TRUELOVE, Thomas TRUELOVE, Kanney TRUELOVE, Edy TRUELOVE, Sally TRUELOVE, Betsy TRUELOVE.

bulletMary was born about 1789 in NC.

Children were: Thomas D. TRUELOVE.

bulletMary was born about 1847 in Cumberland Co?, NC.

She was married to Reuben S. TUTOR about 1867 in Harnett Co, NC.

bullet Mary was born before 1755 in Cumberland Co, NC?.

Children were: Nancy COX, Barbara COX.

bulletMary was born in 1820 in NC.

She was married to Abel D. ARNOLD about 1840 in Northern Cumberland Co?, NC. Children were: Elizabeth ARNOLD.

bullet Mary

bulletMary .

Children were: Lucinda SENTER.

bulletMary Emma.

She was married to William Arthur TRUELOVE in Date & Place, Unknown.

bullet Mary J.

Children were: Martha "Mattie" Ellen FARISS.

bulletMary Jane.

Children were: Anna Bell WEATHERS, Etta WEATHERS, Louis WEATHERS, Kimbol WEATHERS, Steve WEATHERS, Henry WEATHERS.

bulletMary W. was born about 1852 in Cumberland Co?, NC.

She was married to Samuel "Sam" Green TUTOR in 1871 in Harnett Co, NC.

bullet Mason

Children were: Willis JOHNSON.

bulletMazzie was born in Aug 1852 in NC.

She was married to William S(eabet) ARNOLD about 1898 in NC?.

bullet McDonald

Children were: Nancy "Nanny" Ann MCDONALD .

bulletMegan .

bulletMi Yon was born on 15 Mar 1954 in Korea.

She was married to Charles K. CROXFORD on 28 Oct 1978 in Korea. Children were: Benjamin J. CROXFORD.

bullet Minnie B. was born on 24 Aug 1895 in NC?. She was buried in Mar 1989 in Piney Grove, Bapt Chur, Wake Co, NC. She died on 26 Mar 1989 in NC.

She was married to A. T. "Bill" GOODWIN in NC?.

bullet MiYon was born in Korea?.(6)

bulletMyrtle .

bulletNancy was born in 1806 in NC. She Member in 1892 in Attending Cumberland Union Church at time of death.. She died in Jan 1892 in Northern Harnett Co, NC.

Children were: John S. WEATHERS, Mary A. WEATHERS, Elizabeth J. WEATHERS, Sarah E. WEATHERS, James "Jim" D. W. WEATHERS , Rebecca "Becky" WEATHERS, Jesse David WEATHERS Jr., Dixon (Dick) David WEATHERS , L. Stephen WEATHERS, Henry David WEATHERS.

bulletNancy Catherine was born in 1846 in NC.

Children were: Willie J THOMAS, Infant (no-name) THOMAS.

bulletNovella .

She was married to Samuel Leon SMITH on 6 Aug 1955. Children were: Sammy SMITH, Amy SMITH.

bullet Opal Residing in 1970 in Durham, NC.

bulletOra A. was born in May 1877 in NC.

Children were: Coy WEATHERS, Mary WEATHERS, Elmer WEATHERS, James "Jim" A. WEATHERS .

bulletPatsy was born in 1803. She died on 15 Oct 1873 in Harnett Co, NC.

Children were: John D. THOMAS, Delilah I. "Dillie" THOMAS.

bulletPearl .

Children were: Repsie Emerly MILLS.

bulletPeggy was born on 29 Mar 1915. She resided Her home in Zion in Dec 2002 in Hopewell Township, Mercer Co, NJ. She died on 30 Dec 2002 in Trenton, N.J..

bulletPennie E. was born in May 1849 in NC.

She was married to Archison CHAMPION about 1873 in NC?. Children were: Lillie C. CHAMPION, China C. "Toddi" CHAMPION , M. Francis CHAMPION, M. Elen CHAMPION, Wray L CHAMPION.

bullet Rebecah

Children were: David HOLT, John HOLT, Polly HOLT, Betsey HOLT, Sarah HOLT.

bulletRebecca was born in 1837. She died on 29 May 1907.

Children were: "Emily" Jane MELVIN.

bulletReevie . Parents: Unknown and Ellena NASH.

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